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Commercial Broiler Vaccination - ComBVac

This example was developed in corporation with Anna Garcia, Technical University of Denmark, National Food Institute.

Observations at 2 weeks
Observations on risk factors and effectiveness factors related to the vaccination should be entered prior to making the decision on the method of vaccination. Select the appropriate values below.

What is the level of Bio-security
Is Thinning performed?
What is the level of measured campylobacter?

Vaccination Options

Option Probability Expected Utility

Select Vaccination Decision

Observations on risk, effectiveness factors and observed level of campylobacter at two weeks should be selected above deciding on the method of vaccination.

Prediction of Campylobacter level at 5 weeks (killing)

Logs Level Probability Bar Expected Utility

The expected level of campylobacter is logs. The campylobacter level is computed as the weighted average using the middle points of the intervals listed in the table above. The expected value at five weeks is and the expect cost is . This means that the expected profit is .